About Us

About Baltvia

We come from the Baltic States — a land, which is very authentic, unique, and rich in resources. Our company has two locations in Latvia and Lithuania with the headquarters located in a port city of Klaipeda near the Baltic Sea.

We specialize in the production of horticulture products and their raw-materials supply. Thanks to our first-rate resources, dedicated experts in peat moss harvesting, modern production sites, and friendly customer service - we can deliver quality, that others may not have.

Our Industries

Dedicated in quality peat moss and variety of other renewable resources
supply used in agriculture, horticulture and growing media production

Peat Moss

Baltic peat moss is known to be a necessary raw-material for growing all kinds of plants.

Horticulture Growing Media

High-quality growing media for propagation, potting, and specific crops cultivation.

Fertilizers & Micro-elements

Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium fertilizers for greater plants cultivation.

Pine Bark

Pine bark is an organic product for mulching that gives decoration and support for the plants.


Woodfiber for Growing Media

Renewable raw-material ensures longer structural stability and increases air capacity with drainage.


Hydroponics of Clay Pebbles

Designed to retain and release moisture to plant roots in hydroponic systems.

Lithuania Strategic Location

By road, rail and sea, we are exporting peat moss to over 30 countries all around the world.

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