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About Baltvia!

About Baltvia!

Raw-material for agriculture and horticulture use directly from the Baltic States

We come from the Baltic States — a land, which is very authentic, unique, and rich in resources. Our company has two locations in Latvia and Lithuania with the headquarters located in a port city of Klaipeda near the Baltic Sea.

We specialize in the production of horticulture products and their raw-materials supply. Thanks to our first-rate resources, dedicated experts in peat moss harvesting, modern production sites, and friendly customer service - we can deliver quality, that others may not have.


Our Story

Baltvia has over a decade of experience in the horticulture industry. In 2018, Baltvia was announced as the strongest company in Lithuania. In 2020, Baltvia was recognized as one of the strongest companies in the Baltic States region.

In the recent years we have been exporting peat moss to over 30 countries all around the world. And in the new days we started focusing on increasing the variety of renewable resources used in professional horticulture production.

We have introduced the new product categories of perlite, wood fiber, pine bark, expended clay, and fertilizers with micro-elements.
In 2020, we launched a new product line dedicated only to Premium quality peat substrates under the name of “GrandPeat”.

Our Values

We care about the environment and the people with whom we work with. As a responsible peat moss supplier, we strive for sustainability and nature environmental protection.

We aim to reduce the unnecessary usage of limited resources of peat moss by introducing renewable substitutes such as pine bark and wood fiber in our substrates.

As a partnership-oriented organization, we respect the commitments made to our clients, representatives, and people who cooperate with us.

Our Vision

To be the leading company for quality raw-material supply for substrate producers, growers, and landscapers. We embrace sustainability and environmental protection through careful selection of products and technologies.

With regular investments in the resources and logistics solutions, that reduce time, costs and brings the clarity in supply-chain - we aim to be the supplier of choice for meaningful partnerships.

Contact us today to discuss more about possible cooperation.

Lithuania Strategic Location

By road, rail and sea, we are exporting peat moss to over 30 countries all around the world.